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I'm fwjmath, author and developper of this project. Now I'm taking a math-info education in France. I've taken an exam called "concours" this year for entering "Grandes Ecoles". In the "concours", there is an exam called TIPE (Travaux d'Initiative Personnelle Encadré), which is much like a mini-research. My subject for TIPE is "a verification of the conjecture of graceful trees". That's where I started this project.

I'm also a regular volunteer of many distributed computing projects, because I want to help advancing science researches. So, I just want to know how far we can go on a verification of the conjecture of graceful trees. To try it out, I set up this project.

Of course it's never easy to build up a project like this, though it's still very premature. It's not a easy task to debug the client and to write this site, especially for a student who still has his work to do. But thanks to friends from this distributed computing forum, with their help, I finally did it!

The result of TIPE is very good. Now I have a report of technical details in French, but not in English as I don't really have free time to translate it. Hopefully I'll do it in the spare of spare time. Though the exam is over, this project is not. Further research is undergoing, so wait for news!

By FANG Wenjie(aka fwjmath)
Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 China Mainland