Current position

Second year student at the Department of Mathematics and Applications, ENS Ulm. Preparing for a Master's degree at University Paris 6 (UPMC). Expected date of graduation: July 2019


2017-2018 Courses followed for Master 1 in mathematics: Analysis of PDEs, Data Sciences, Dynamic systems, Introduction to Quantum mechanics, Numerical Approches for PDEs, Stochastic Processes, Statistics
2016-2017 Licence in mathematics (equivalent to Bachelor's degree) at University Paris 6 (UPMC), received on 07/12/2017
2016 Admitted to ENS Ulm, rank 41
2014-2016 Classes Préparatoires MPSI-MP*, Lycée Louis-le-Grand
2014 Baccalauréat S (High School Graduation), Lycée Louis-le-Grand


2017 First year presentation: Formes normales et champs de vecteurs
2016 TIPE (personnal work for Grandes Écoles entrance examination) on the subject "Modèle de Keller-Segel: Agrégation, concentration, explosion"


2014 Concours Général de mathématiques, first accessit
2014 Raffle's Institution Mathematical Olympiad, bronze medal
2013 Mathematical Kangaroo competition, first rank