Viral Contig Automatic Cluster Taxonomy : VContACT

VContact is a tool to perform Guilt-by-contig-association automatic classification of viral contigs.

Tutorial and documentation

  • The vContact Tutorial will help you to quickly get started
  • The vContact Scripts documentation is a more formal description of the commands you can use.
  • The API documentation (Module Index) give a description of all functions if you want to dive in the code and improve it.

The method:



  • Automatic taxonomic affiliation via “Guilt by contig association” in viral metagenomic data. Guilhem Doulcier, Master degree internship report 2014.
  • Reticulate Representation of Evolutionary and Functional Relationships between Phage Genomes. Gipsi Lima-Mendez, Jacques Van Helden, and Ariane Toussaint and Raphael Leplae. Mol Bio. Evol. 2008.


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