Protein clustering tutorial

This tutorial explain how to generate PC-profiles using vContact/MCL. To learn how to analyse the profile see the main vContact Tutorial

Prepare your data for input

You will need a file giving the association between each protein and each contig. Optionally, this file can contains a function field containing keywords (separated by a semi column) about the functional annotation of this protein. If it is the case the resulting protein clusters will be annotated with the count of the occurance of those keywords.

id [1] contig_id keywords
YC.330JH1E NC.000001 tail; fiber;
YC.6567899 NC.000001  
YC.789U666 NC.000002 helicase
[1]Exact same id as in the fasta/blast file.

You will also need a fasta file or output of a all versus all BLASTp.

Run the analysis

To generate the profiles from a already computed blast, use the command:

vcontact-pcs -p proteins.csv -b   -o output_dir

To ask vcontact to run the blast for you use

vcontact-pcs -p proteins.csv -f fasta.faa  -o output_dir -e 0.0005

In both case it will output


See the vContact Tutorial to see what they contains.

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