I am a PhD student at Institut Jean Nicod, part of École Normale Supérieure in Paris. I'm working in the area of formal semantics with Benjamin Spector of IJN, my advisor, and with Emmanuel Chemla of LSCP. I am particularly interested in the role of exhaustification in both language and thought.

I got my MSc. in 2016 after completing the MVA program at ENS Paris-Saclay (then known as ENS Cachan). MVA means “mathematics, vision and learning”, and this is an applied mathematics program focussing on applications to statistical learning and related subjects. I prepared my master's thesis at IRCAM, an institute for contemporary music in Paris, working on audio-to-score music alignment. Before that I studied theoretical computer science at ENS and I hold a BSc. in computer science from Université Paris-Diderot.

My name is pronounced /emil ɑ̃gœ.aʁ/.

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