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I am a Mathematics student at DMA, ENS.

You can contact me on ivailo.hartarsky[spiral]ens[\ldotp]fr.

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Research interests

My main research interests are in probability, especially its interface(s) with combinatorics or (not xor) statistical Physics. More locally, I am working on kinetically constrained spin models and the closely related bootstrap percolation.

Publications and preprints


  1. Universality for critical kinetically constrained models: finite number of stable directions
    with Fabio Martinelli and Cristina Toninelli
    In preparation
  2. Universality for critical kinetically constrained models: infinite number of stable directions
    with Laure Marêché and Cristina Toninelli
    Submitted pdf, arXiv
  3. Complexity of 2D bootstrap percolation difficulty: Algorithm and NP-hardness
    with Tamás Mezei
    Submitted pdf, arXiv
  4. Generalised oriented percolation
    with Aurélia Deshayes, Vincent Tassion and Cristina Toninelli
    In preparation
  5. Generalised oriented site percolation
    In preparation
  6. U-bootstrap percolation: critical probability, exponential decay and applications
    Submitted pdf, arXiv
  7. Strong Ramsey games in unbounded time.
    with Stefan David and Marius Tiba
    Submitted pdf, arXiv
  8. High-energy records in glassy energy landscapes
    with Marco Baity-Jesi, Riccardo Ravasio, Alain Billoire and Giulio Biroli
    Submitted pdf, arXiv

Papers (published or to appear)

  1. Maximal bootstrap percolation time on the hypercube via generalised snake-in-the-box.
    Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 25 (2018), no. 3, Paper 3.10, 12 pp. pdf, arXiv, journal
  2. The second term for two-neighbour bootstrap percolation in two dimensions.
    with Robert Morris
    To appear in Transactions of the AMS, for the Appendix see pdf, arXiv

Unpublished supervised written work

  1. Percolation bootstrap et modèles cinétiquement contraints
    supervised by C. Toninelli
    ENS Diploma thesis pdf
  2. Glassy dynamics: Trap and Random energy models
    supervised by G. Biroli and J. Salez
    Internship report pdf
  3. Sur l'expérience de Mayer
    supervised by J.-F. Logeais
    TIPE pdf

See my CV for more and feel free to contact me if you are interested.


Here is a list of my collaborators' webpages, which I try to keep to date, although any seach engine should do.
Marco Baity-Jesi, Alain Billoire, Giulio Biroli, Stefan David, Aurélia Deshayes, Laure Marêché, Fabio Martinelli, Tamás Mezei, Robert Morris, Riccardo Ravasio, Vincent Tassion, Marius Tiba, Cristina Toninelli.


I (co-)organised and "taught" in (rather fooled around in an instructive way) the 2015, 2016 and 2017 editions of the Experimental Physics summer school for middle and high school students hosted by Minu Balkanski Foundation, but I am no longer involved in that school.

Instead, in 2018 we launched a new summer school in the same series in combinatorics, which I organise yearly since. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in participating.


I have been involved in the organisation of Concours Général de Mathématiques "Minko Balkanski" since 2014 (after winning it in 2012, which resulted in my going to study at LLG, Paris). For some information on how this happens, see here.

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