Robin Morisset

Graduate Student in Computer Science


2012-???? PhD. in Computer science at Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, France
2012 M.S. in Computer science at Ecole Normale Superieure (MPRI), Paris, France
2010 B.S. in Computer science (minor maths) at “ENS” / Paris7 University
2007-2009 “Classes preparatoires aux grandes ecoles” 2-year intensive program in maths, physics and computer science aimed at preparing students for highly selective competitive entrance examinations of French scientific graduate schools. - at Lycee Janson de Sailly, Paris, France
2007 Scientific A-Level, “Baccalaureat scientifique” - “Mention Très bien”


Programming LanguagesSoftware
  • Haskell, Ocaml
  • C++, C, C#, PHP
  • Subversion / Git
  • Coq

Projects and Internships

March - Aug. 2012 Research internship at ENS Paris (part of a joint team ENS/INRIA/CNRS) - supervisor: Francesco Zappa Nardelli
  • Proving the safety of some optimisations around low-level atomics (introduced in the C++11 standard).
  • Also working on a tool (in OCaml) to fuzzy-test GCC compilation of concurrent C++ code.
  • Accepted paper: "Compiler Testing via a Theory of Sound Optimisations in the C11/C++11 Memory Model" (PLDI 2013)
March - Aug. 2011 Research internship at University of Pennsylvania (USA) - supervisor: Benjamin C. Pierce
  • Worked on the design of Breeze as well as its (Haskell) interpreter.
  • Breeze is a new functional, dynamically typed language based on information flow control.
  • Part of the CRASH - SAFE project, a clean-slate design of hardware, os and language with a focus on security (sponsored by DARPA)
  • Accepted paper: "Preliminary design of the SAFE platform" ("Programming Languages and Operating Systems" workshop)
June - August 2010 NASA-sponsored Internship at NIA (National Institute of Aerospace, Virginia, USA) - supervisors: Alwyn Goodloe & Lee Pike
  • Developed Copilot, a framework for the monitoring of hard real-time distributed systems (Haskell)
  • Accepted paper: "Copilot: A Hard Real-Time Runtime Monitor" (Proceedings of the 1st Intl. Conference on Runtime Verification)


Additional information and interests

Sport Medieval fencing and skiing
Personal Nationality: French - Date of birth: 25th May, 1991