Li-yao XIA

I am a computer science student at the École normale supérieure in Paris. I am particularly interested in:


(2016, now) Internship at the University of Kent on bidirectional programming applied to code refactoring, with Meng Wang. Currently working on extensions of FliPpr, A Prettier Invertible Printing System.

(2015) Internship at INRIA Paris-Rocquencourt on testing, with Cătălin Hriţcu. Worked on Luck, an experimental DSL for writing random generators as annotated predicates.

(2014) Internship at Chalmers University on prefix circuits, with Mary Sheeran.

(2013) How to efficiently sign paper contracts? An approach to a combinatorics problem, with David Naccache. (resources)

Other projects

Lysxia on Github.

I am a developer of dissemin, an open source website helping researchers to spot and release their paywalled papers. (Python)

I am a coauthor of a French blog about math and computer science topics, mostly.

Ongoing side projects

I love programming in Haskell.

I'm also quite fluent in OCaml but less familiar with its ecosystem at the moment.

Past projects

In the back of my mind